Sunday, April 24, 2011



The colors of the nature.

This picture is taken before..Hmmm 3 hours! :D

Colorful world.

The eye is reflection of the soul.

Such a wonderful life.


i Think..The most beautifull picture from the summer..I put some effects.I can't forget the beutifull water.P.S this picture is taken when i was on boat.  ;) Comment!

Dushica Pavloska.


Hmm..Photo from winter..I think it was 12 January.Anyway what do you think?

We are magic.

I miss the summer :(..This is old picture from August 2010.But i like it..


Do you like it?


This picture is taken yesterday..Again Flowers.I was busy this week.. ://
Anyway,I put effects on this picture.

The dog is the only creature on the world that loves you more than himself.

 Very old photo.
And yes-The dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than himself. I have a dog-this is my dog,and i know that feeling.It's wonderfull.


Well..This picture is taken yesterday.Hope you like it :P